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Application and payment windows

Early Period

June 17, 2024 - July 15, 2024

859 USD (31,800.00 Baht)

Regular Period

July 16, 2024 - August 30, 2024

959 USD (35,500.00 Baht)



900 USD
(Including international money transfer fees)
Trophy, Gold medal, and a Certificate

First runner-up

450 USD
(Including international money transfer fees)
Trophy, Silver medal, and a Certificate

Second runner-up

180 USD
(Including international money transfer fees)
Trophy, Bronze medal, and a Certificate

Third runner up

Merit medal and a Certificate

(MCQ Score)

Highest score certificate : 1st Rank
Gold medal : 1st - 3rd Rank
Silver medal : 4th - 8th Rank
Bronze medal : 9th - 16th Rank

Registration Guidelines

Team Composition:
  • A team must consist of three medical students and one advisor.
  • * Further information regarding the advisor requirement is provided in the “Institution Team Representation” section.
Applicant Eligibility:
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in a first professional Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program or a postgraduate medical degree program leading to an equivalent medical qualification at the time of application and competition.
  • Recommendation: We suggest that each team includes members from both preclinical (pre-clerkship) and clinical (clerkship) levels.
Institution Team Representation:
  • An institution can submit up to three teams.
  • The institution can choose to assign one advisor to all teams, or a separate advisor for each team.
  • In any case, the number of advisors cannot exceed the number of teams submitted.
Competition Capacity:
  • The CMU-IMC 2024 competition will accept a maximum of 50 teams.
  • Participants who attended previous CMU-IMC competitions are also eligible to apply for CMU-IMC 2024.

There are two registration periods, Early Bird Registration and Regular Registration.

  1. Early Bird Registration Period (859.00 USD / 31,800.00 THB) : June 17, 2024 00.00 (GMT+7) - July 15, 2024 23:59 (GMT+7)
    * Payment must be made within period

  2. Regular Registration Period (959 USD / 35,500.00 THB) : July 16, 2024 00:00 (GMT+7) - August 30, 2024 23:59 (GMT+7)
    * Payment must be made within period
* This price is the total amount of 4 people, including advisor.
* Additional charges may vary according to the policies of different financial institutions. CMU-IMC is not responsible for any charges associated with transaction fees.
* If the committees do not receive the full amount of an applicant's fee as stated, the applicant must be responsible for the difference.

The application fee includes accommodation, food, souvenirs, Chiang Mai tour, workshops and special activities (For competitors and advisor)

There is no refund for any renouncement.

To be announce at Facebook Page CMU International Medical Challenge
Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University