Never heard of CMU‑IMC?
Get to know us more and learn why it is for you!

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Never heard of CMU-IMC? Get to know us more and learn why it is for you!


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What is CMU-IMC?

CMU-IMC stands for "Chiang Mai University International Medical Challenge"

CMU-IMC is ...

It is an annual international academic competition held by the Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University. Participants are medical students from various countries around the world. The first CMU‑IMC was held as a part of the 55th Anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University. A different theme is chosen for each year...

For this year, CMU-IMC 2024, we will bring you the most memorable medical challenge ever!

Why should you join CMU-IMC 2024?

Starting from the preliminary MCQ round to the grand finale, the competition promises to enrich your medical knowledge. Not only will you gain academic expertise, but you will also gain global companionship and connect with other competitors! CMU‑IMC gives you an opportunity to develop your ability to exchange knowledge, perspectives, and experiences together. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique culture, tradition, and hospitality of Chiang Mai through numerous activities. Join us at CMU‑IMC 2024 for these exciting experiences!

Thanks to those who are making CMU-IMC 2024 possible

Without funding, advice, and counseling from these sponsors and contributors, CMU-IMC 2024 would not be possible!

Further Sponsorship

We highly appreciate their hard work and support, not all contributors and supporters are listed here, however, all our sponsors and their contributions are listed on a seperate page which can be accessed here:


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