There will be a total of 5 rounds in the competition which are:
*All rounds will be held online from 28 - 30 April*

Competition Diagram

Competition diagram

*All members of each team must be in the same room during round 2 - 5*

General Rules

A maximum of 60 teams will be able to participate in the first round. This is an individual challenge. Each member of the team will be doing a 90-minute online examination consisting of 50 multiple choice questions (MCQ). Each question will have five choices and each correct answer is worth one point. All points earned by every member of the team will be added up and finalized as a total team score. Every team will receive rankings based on their total team score and will receive a bonus time in the Time Attack Round based on their rankings. All teams will qualify to the next round, the Time Attack Round.

The method of answering the questions will be further explained to all teams before the examination starts.

For more information on the scope of the questions, please check the "Reference" section below.

All teams participating in the MCQ Round will be able to compete in this round. This is a team challenge. Each team will be doing 30 multiple choice questions with five choices. Every team will receive a 50-minute countdown to complete all the questions. A bonus time will be added to this countdown according to the team's ranking from the MCQ Round. In addition, for each question answered correctly in this round, the team will immediately be given a small extra time added to their countdown. On the other hand, answering the question incorrectly will also shorten the team's countdown by a small amount. A set of power-ups will also be given to every team in this round. Every question is worth one point. 16 teams with the highest scores will qualify for the next round, the Semi-final Round.

If the scores are equal between teams, the team with the least usage of power-ups and time taken to complete all the questions will qualify for the next round.

The 16 teams will be divided into 2 pools according to their scores from the Time Attack Round and the competition will be held pool by pool. This is a team challenge. Every team will start with the same amount of currency and the same set of starting power-ups. Each team will take turns choosing a question from the question board to answer, using their currency. The answer will be in a short answer form. Two teams with the highest currency remaining from each pool will qualify for the Final Round. The other teams will proceed to the Resurrection Round.

If scores are equal between teams, the teams will continue to compete with the remaining questions on the board. If the scores are still tied after all questions are answered, the unused power-ups of the teams will be converted into currency and added to the total currency of the team. The team with the most currency will qualify for the Final Round.

A total of 12 teams that participated in the Semi-final Round but did not qualify for the Final Round will be competing for the last seat of the Final Round. This is a team challenge. Each team will start with a number of tokens and power-ups and all teams will be asked a series of multiple choice questions. The team needs to distribute their tokens among choices presented with the questions. Only the tokens assigned to the best possible answer will be returned to the team for the next question. Teams with no more tokens will be eliminated. The last team standing or the team with the most tokens after the last question will qualify for the Final Round.

If scores are equal between teams, reserved questions will be used and the team with the most tokens will qualify for the Final Round.

Five teams will be competing as the finalists of the CMU-IMC 2022. This is a team challenge. The questions will be regarding a case scenario and the answers will be both in short and long answer in one question. Every team will have an option to choose to receive additional details or hints about the case that will help them to answer the questions. The team that scores the most points is the winner of CMU-IMC 2022.